you ever wanted to know about Havanese dogs

Havanese Colors

Havanese Colors The Havanese is a diverse breed that comes in many colors and markings. This is part of what makes the breed so special

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Havanese Costs

Havanese Costs The Havanese is a relatively rare breed in the United States so breeders are not as numerous as they may be for more

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Havanese Health Tips

Havanese Health Tips Keep your Havanese healthy and happy longer by following these tips! As always, remember to discuss any diet or lifestyle changes with

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all about Havanese breed traits

Havanese Shedding

Havanese Shedding The Havanese is a non-shedding breed with a coat of “hair” similar to a human’s hair, rather than fur like most other dog

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Havanese Dog Traits

Havanese Dog Traits We have several pages with information on Havanese traits, from shedding to health problems!  Allergies If you’re allergic to dogs and are

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techniques for grooming Havanese dogs

how to train your Havanese dog