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About Us

Welcome to the Everything Havanese network, designed to bring you Everything you need to know about Havanese dogs!

Whether you are looking to learn about the breed, or how to care for the breed, or even how to train your Havanese, you can find it here. We have a community forum where you can chat with other Havanese owners or enthusiasts, and a directory where you can find Havanese-focused breeders, suppliers, groomers, and more!

We also believe in giving back, so take the time to visist our Charities page and learn where some of your money is going, the lives being changed by it, and who it helps!

And don’t forget to browse our merch shop, where you can purchase custom products displaying a photo of your dog!

The Everything Havanese Network

  • Everything Havanese
  • You are here! is our main website and filled with information about the Havanese breed, from history to health conditions to personality!
  • Everything Havanese Merch
  • Browse and purchase merchandise with Everything Havanese branding, or personalize it with a picture of your own Havanese dog!
  • Havanese Locator
  • Searching for a new Havanese and don’t know where to start? Submit a form here and we’ll help you find the Havanese dog or puppy to fit your life!
  • Havanese Training
  • Looking for advice on training your new puppy or adult Havanese? Look no further than our Havanese Training website!
  • Havanese Directory
  • Whether you’re searching for a new Havanese breeder, a Havanese-knowledgeable groomer, pet store, trainer, or are looking to advertise your own business, our directory has you covered!
  • Havanese Chat
  • If you’re a Havanese owner or enthusiast and looking for a community of other like-minded people, then our forum may just be what you’ve been wanting!
  • Havanese Food
  • Our food website is all about Havanese dog nutrition and even features recipes for homecooked treats or food!
  • Havanese Pictures
  • Want to share a picture of your Havanese or browse pictures of Havanese dogs? Check out our picture website! You can even participate in photo contests.
  • Havanese Haircuts
  • If you’re a new Havanese owner, looking to acquire one, or simply are looking for new tips and tricks, then you should browse our website dedicated to grooming Havanese dogs!
  • Havanese Puppycuts
  • Just like Havanese Haircuts, this website features videos, tips, tricks, and more to get you started grooming your Havanese, or just brush up on your skills!