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Yes, we can! Please see our Find a Havanese page for more information on our program to match you with the Havanese of your dream.

Havanese make a wonderful family pet! They’re sturdy unlike most small breeds and have plenty of energy. They’re friendly and love people, so they do great with all the comings and goings of kids and friends. If you’d like more information on their personality, you can also check out our article here!

It’s true that a Havanese requires more grooming and upkeep than a short-haired dog, but their needs are easy to meet either at home or with a professional groomer. Besides the nail trimming that any dog requires, you can expect near daily brushing and clipping every few months. For more information and guides on how to groom your own Havanese, visit our grooming website at!

The Havanese is an intelligent breed and a people-pleaser, too! Like any dog, consistency and patience are key, but you will definitely find a Havanese both easy and enjoyable to train. Learn how to train your Havanese at our training website!

Not at all! Havanese are generally quiet dogs who only bark to alert their owner.

Yes and no! As humans, we can be allergic to anything, even the water we drink or the sun in our daytime sky. It’s important to know what dog allergen you’re allergic to. For most people, it’s dander, and if it is for you too, then yes, the Havanese is a hypoallergenic breed! For more information, check out our article on the subject here.

As an energetic and intelligent breed, Havanese excel at many dog sports, from conformation to agility. Start by looking for dog sports clubs in your area to determine what sports classes you have available and take it from there!