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Havanese dog

The Truth About Havanese Allergies: Are They Really Hypoallergenic?

havanese allergiesThe Havanese is often referred to as a “hypoallergenic” breed, which may be slightly misleading. People aren’t allergic to one uniform dog allergen; you may be allergic to something in their dander, you may be allergic to something in their saliva, you may be allergic to both! It is important to clarify what dog allergen you are allergic to as this will affect whether any breed could be “hypoallergenic” for you.

Most people allergic to dogs are allergic to their dander, and if you fall into that category, then good news! The average Havanese dog produces significantly less dander than most other dog breeds. How much dander they produce differs by dog, so you may be more allergic to one individual Havanese than another.

The Havanese also does not shed like most other dog breeds. Similar to Poodles, they have a “hairlike” coat, and when they shed this hair, it gets trapped in their coat rather than distributed across the room. This also helps keep down on potential allergens.

It is important to interact with the breed before making a decision on whether or not a Havanese is the dog for you. Should you decide to go with a Havanese breed, make sure to interact with the individual dog before purchase or adoption.

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