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Discover the Wonderful and Silly Havanese Personality

Havanese dog

Discover the Wonderful and Silly Havanese Personality

havanese personality and temperamentThe Havanese personality and temperament is that of an affectionate, fun-loving, and easygoing dog breed. Although they will attach strongly to one person, they love to be around everyone! They love to be around their people and prefer not to be alone, although a properly bred Havanese will not be more prone to separation anxiety or nervous behaviors.
The Havanese is generally very sociable and friendly with strangers, but still requires early socialization to make sure this part of their personality and temperament develops properly.

The Havanese is an active and energetic dog and enjoys walks and exercise, but does not require it. They will generally find their own exercise if they are able to be with you and your family. They are not meant to be outside dogs and require time with their people. Although not a yappy breed, they will bark to alert their person to possible dangers.

For these reasons, the Havanese can be a great apartment dog or a great family dog, or both! Their size makes them an even better candidate for living in all sorts of homes.

The Havanese is an intelligent, easy to train breed. They are naturally people-pleasers and therefore learn quickly. They are always happy to perform tricks for their family and strangers alike and can act a bit clownish, enjoying making people laugh! In fact, they were once used as circus dogs! The Havanese does best with a gentle hand and excels with positive reinforcement training methods. Naturally sensitive and in-tune with their peoples’ emotions, they do poorly with heavier training methods such as negative reinforcement. 
If you’d like information on how to train your current or future Havanese, please check out our Havanese Training website!

Is the Havanese personality a good fit for you?

Havanese personality makes them a great fit for most people and families. Their temperament and intelligence fit well into all kinds of lifestyles and households!

Are you a multi-generational household? Havanese dogs are wonderful with people of all ages. Their easygoing and friendly temperament makes them great companions for smaller children who are still learning boundaries, and their fun-loving and affectionate side makes them wonderful for older children who want a playmate and friend.

Are you an active person looking for a running, hiking, or camping companion? The Havanese is happy to be a couch potato, but happiest of all to be by your side! Whether that’s at home or a tent in the woods, they’re thrilled to just be with you. While they are on the smaller side, they are large enough and hardy enough to be good running or jogging buddies.

Are you looking for a dog good with other animals? If you live with all kinds of different animals, then the Havanese could be the dog for you! They were bred to be companion dogs and don’t have the high prey drive that working breeds are bred to have. A well-bred and well-socialized Havanese can be the perfect fit for a multi-species household.

Are you looking for a trick or sport dog? Havanese are intelligent and driven dogs, happy to learn whatever you want to teach them! They can make great dogs for a variety of dog sports, from Rally-O to Agility.

Whatever the Havanese personality best for you, we can help find your dream Havanese!

We can help you find the Havanese that best fits your lifestyle and household. Whether you’re looking for a couch potato or a running buddy, a focused service dog candidate or a silly family pet, we want to assist you in your journey finding your dream Havanese. Contact us today to get started!

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