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Havanese Lifespan: How Long Do Havanese Live? (And How To Keep Them Healthy)

havanese lifespanThe Havanese is a healthy breed with few serious health issues, and thanks to that, they generally live 16 to 18 years. Start off right with your Havanese by buying them from a responsible breeder!

After acquiring your Havanese, it’s up to you to keep them healthy. Feeding a well-balanced diet and not overfeeding, keeping up on exercise and grooming, and visiting the vet for yearly check-ups are all ways you can keep your Havanese healthy for a long time.

Educating yourself on the risks and benefits of various treatments and preventatives is a good idea and will help you make better informed decisions alongside your veterinarian to keep your Havanese healthy and happy and extend their lifespan as long as possible!

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